18 November 2020: New and New to Me

This is the Sterogum article I mentioned. I do want to write something about last.fm compared to streaming algorithms, so look out for that.

Set 1

“The Only One” by Manchester Orchestra

“Drunk II” by Mannequin Pussy

There was an interruption during this song because my computer crapped out for a moment. All apologies.

“I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist on You” by Pinkshift

Read about this band inStereogum’s list of the 40 best new bands. They’ve got a cool sound, and it’s great to see diversity in this genre too.

“Water in the Well” by Shame

This just came out, literally about an hour before the show. It’s pretty interesitng and breaks some new ground for them: it’s a bit like a post-punk take on the Stones. The details for the new album have been anounced too: it’ll be called Drunk Tank Pink and comes out in January. This single combined with “Alphabet” are hopefully indicative it’ll be a good album.

Found out about these guys from last.fm. Apparently this song, along with their other track “Wasp’s Nest”, were used on The Inbetweeners. (Go watch that show if you haven’t, it’s really funny.)

“Emergency! Emergency!” by the Promise Ring

Set 2

“Super Unison” by Drive Like Jehu

Yank Crime is an influential album and DLJ are important, but they’re also difficult. This is the most accessible song off the album.

“The Spirit Of” by Cloud Nothings

“Salt, Peppa and Spinderella” by Johnny Foreigner

Another band I found out about from last.fm. Really stoked, because even though they’re not around, they sound somewhat like Los Campesinos, something few bands can say, but still have an individual identity.

“I’ll Find You” by Hundred Reasons

Yet again, found these guys from last.fm, this time based on Idlewild.

“Everyday is a Winding Road” by Sheryl Crow

Set 3

“Young Forever” by Youth Group

As made famous on The OC.

“Ships With Holes Will Sink” by We Were Promised Jetpacks

“Justboy” by Biffy Clyro

“One Armed Scissor” by At the Drive-In

“Mustang” by Bartees Strange

“Boy” by Ra Ra Riot

“Chaos of the Galaxy/Happy Man” by Sparklehorse

Your speakers aren’t broken, the fuzz and AM radio sounds are, in fact, intentional.

Set 4

“No Culture Icons” by the Thermals

Notable for providing the name of a subsidiary of Sub Pop.

“Deeper Than Inside” by Rites of Spring

“Do You Still Hate Me?” by Jawbreaker

“Ice Hockey Hair” by Super Furry Animals

One of my favorites. I’ve been trying to fit it in for a while.

“Changes Are No Good” by the Stills

“One That Suits Me” by Hop Along