4 November 2020: Memory Lane

This was an unconventional episode. Since I wasn’t in the mood to come up with a playlist after Election Night (and the results are still not out, so it’s still a bit tense), I decided to do an episode dedicated to my taste in my tweens (about 2008 to 2011). I had my brother (Nate) co-host with me, so he could provide some perspective, and thus it’s heavy on the banter. We also didn’t divide it into sets, and instead talked after each song. We tried to do it over a Discord call at first, but there were technical difficulties with that, so I moved and we broadcast from the same room; he listened to the show on his headphones and we shared a microphone. There’s also some cameo from my Gengar, Benji. The quality of the songs varies greatly, since my taste at the time was quite quesitonable, but I did eventually come to my senses.

Since many of these songs aren’t available on streaming, I didn’t make a playlist. I also didn’t make the timestamps on the Mixcloud upload, because I’m too lazy to do that. Sorry!

“Don’t Quit! Not Quite!” by HeyHiHello!

“shh.. just listen :)” by A Rocket to the Moon

Apparently this song is actually called “Baby, We’re Invincible”, but in classic file sharing fashion, I knew it under a different title: “shh.. just listnen :)”.

“Combat Chitchat” by nickasaur!

This AMV is…worth watching

“Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit

“Dear Vienna” by Owl City

“Take it Off” by Kesha

“Skin and Bones” by Romance on a Rocketship

“Wonderman” by Tinie Tempah (feat. Ellie Goulding)

“Life on an Airplane” by Breathe Electric

“Don’t Run” by Broken Toy Airplanes

Here’s the MySpace link, I couldn’t get the embed code to work. (And yes, MySpace still exists, it’s a music sharing platform now. So the archives of many old artists are still there, such as this).

“Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous” by PlayRadioPlay

“Payphone” by Maroon 5

“Strawberry Avalanche”by Owl City

“Dark Blue” Jack’s Mannequin

“I’m in Love” by Stephen Jerzak

“Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service

“Happy” by NeverShoutNever!

“Memories” by Weezer

“Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World

“What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club

“Lisztomania” by Phoenix