11 February 2020: The First Episode

Set 1

“Before the World Was Big” by Girlpool

From the album of the same name, Girlpool’s first.

“The Devil in His Youth” by Protomartyr

Originally wanted to use this as the first song, but I felt that “Before the World Was Big” was more thematically apropriate to open the first episode with. I only just discovered them a few weeks ago somehow, but I’m glad I did.

“Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone” by the Walkmen

Title track from the Walkmen’s debut. Just felt this would go good here.

“The Return of Evil Bill” by Clinic

Clinic are pretty weird, but if you’re into this song you’ll be into the rest of their stuff, or at least this album. This is from Internal Wranger, which was their first album and probably their best.

“Open Your Heart” by the Men

From the album of the same name. Originally they had been more of a noise rock band, but on this album they expanded their sound to include more pop-y elements that made them sound a little like the Replacements crossed with Sonic Youth and some vague shoegaze vibes.

“I Feel Better” by Frightened Rabbit

The entirety album this is from, The Midnight Organ Fight, is totally heartbreaking and beautiful. Unfortunately the lead singer of the band died by suicide two years ago, which casts a bit of a shadow over the band’s work, but it’s still an amazing listen.

“Death to Los Campesinos!” by Los Campesinos!

I’ve been really into LC! this past month or so. Maybe this one wasn’t the best to end the first set, but I wanted to hear it.

Set 2

“Patience” by Mannequin Pussy

Title track from their album that came out a few months ago. They’ve evolved from a noise band to what you hear now–I guess kinda like the Men. Anyway, that album’s really great and I’m looking forward to whatever they have coming up.

“Today More Than Any Other Day” by Ought

Almost a title track from their first album, which was called just More Than Any Other Day, without the “today.” It’s a little bit of a weird album, but it appealed to me.

“Young Hearts Spark Fire” by Japandroids

From their first album, Post-Nothing. They haven’t done anything since 2017, when they released their third album, which was kinda mids. Post-Nothing and their second album Celebration Rock were awesome, but they were both really based in youthfulness, so hopefully whatever they do next can build on maturing without it just sounding like old guys trying to sound young.

“Any Sense of Time” by the Inbreds

From their 1994 album Kombinator. They were part of the Halifax scene in the early-to-mid 90’s. I forgot to mention on the show that they had a unique setup: they were a duo, but rather than a guitarist, they had a bassist who played the chords on the bass. If you listen close enough you can hear it.


“Voices Carry” by ‘Til Tuesday

Aimee Mann is probably better known to younger people for her solo material, but she was the lead singer of this band as well, who were one-hit-wonders with this song in 1985. Played this partially to see if my mom was still listening.